About Us


For over 25 years Eurotech has been a trusted advisor in the IT industry, with a strategic approach to implementing solutions that deliver lasting business value. Today Eurotech has offices in England (head office), Norway and South Africa, and has succeeded in striking the right balance between innovative technology and specialist solutions to deliver the performance, reduced cost and capacity that our customers demand.

Our core skills are in Hyper-converged Infrastructure, High Performance Computing, High-Throughput Storage, NAS optimisation, Cloud Storage, Virtualisation and all the networking, hardware, software, security components and professional services needed to bind all of these technologies together into an IT solution. We are leaders in next-generation software defined solutions, with unique specialist technical skills in hybrid-cloud, DevOps, API integration and automation.

In 2020 Eurotech announced that it has rebranded to become ET Works, reflecting a modernisation and continued focus to explore and deliver Evolutionary Technologies. For more information please visit www.etworks.com