IT systems, storage, networking and server / client configuration and administration are core to Eurotech’s business. What Eurotech offer beyond that of a normal IT company is a wealth of oil industry experience with applications and data. Industry applications are growing ever more CPU, memory and graphics intensive. Poststack datasets are growing in size and whilst pre-stack offers advantages in rock physics and property modelling the storage challenges grow exponentially.

Eurotech’s experience in seismic processing configuration means we understand the options available. Our offering includes advice and expertise on the following, plus day to day systems support, on-site or remotely:-

  • System Architecture Configuration
    • Servers
    • Storage arrays
    • Peripheral equipment
  • Client Workstations
  • Unix kernel changes
  • Application and licence listing
  • Storage Filesystem Mounts
  • Operating System Filesystem Mounts (NFS, CIFS, Samba)
  • Remote working practices – thin client network / set-up
  • Network/Naming Services Configuration.
    • DNS Configuration
    • NIS Configuration
    • LDAP / PC Configuration
  • UNIX Network
  • PC Network
  • OS / Platform compatibility
  • Printing/Plotting
  • Email configuration
  • System Monitoring
  • Security
    • Physical security
    • UNIX security
  • PC security
  • Backups
    • Data backups
    • NAS specific backups
    • Operating System backups
    • Microsoft/Windows home folders backup
    • Archive type backups
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) / Business continuity
  • Hardware Maintenance

Information Management Services

  • Deal with incoming / outgoing geological and technical data (tapes, maps, reports, books, sepia) in line with company procedures.
  • Barcode and register data within EDMS systems and E-SearchTM
  • Pass data to / from seismic and well data loaders and G&G team
  • Archive data for sending to off-site storage
  • Download of ftp’d data i.e. ftp of seismic .sgy (segy) files from 3rd party suppliers.
  • Ensuring legal compliance of data exchanges – work with DTI and CDA / DEAL
  • Downloading and purchasing of data from third party service providers and government bodies
  • EDMS system administration and data mining.
  • LAN access and user administration.
  • Assistance to E&P user bases – general data and information requests.

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