On-Site Data Management

Our work in Data Management relates to E&P / G&G subsurface data and covers all major oil and gas datatypes, including seismic, well data, production & reporting data etc. All members of our team have geoscience or IT degrees and a deep understanding of these datasets, together with the associated databases, repositories and software that make up a company’s portfolio.

Our experience covers everything from small start-up companies looking for advice on best practice and assimilating newly purchased datasets, to high level data management workflow consultancy where we look to offer recommendations on the full information lifecycle, applications and IT integration.

Examples of where we can assist include:

  • Support of OpenWorksTM, GeoframeTM IESXTM & CharismaTM PetrelTM etc. plus third party applications.
  • Well data loading and seismic data loading to OpenWorksTM GeoframeTM PetrelTM and 3rd party applications.
  • G&G applications support within the Exploration Production environment – first and second line support, plus handling of liaison with application helpdesk services.
  • Support of the G&G Information Management team, including acting as liaison / representation at CDA meetings, working with Iron Mountain, Corestore etc, acting as first point of contact for certain government bodies including DTI, BERR, BGS etc.
  • Upgrade of projects in line with software revisions.
  • Records management and hardcopy handling.
  • Project and survey creation within G&G applications.
  • I/O and conversion of interpretation data.
  • Cross platform conversion of projects or sub-sets as required.
  • Project back-up and restoration – including best practice and archival.

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