Data Centre Services

Support Services

Eurotech, in partnership with Datum Datacentres, offers a full range of datacentre support services to help manage and resolve technical issues. Included by default in our co-location offering, all power, cooling, fire suppression and security services are managed by a team of certified personnel on a 24/7/365 basis. These services can be further extended either through a Time Allocation Contract (link) or Managed Services Agreement (link) to cover the management and support of all IT systems hosted in our datacentres.

Technical Consulting Services

Eurotech’s technical consulting services can provide your business with roadmaps and strategies as well as hands-on design expertise to help you make the transition from on-premise IT either into a co-lo facility or the cloud. Our team of experts can provide guidance and expertise on how you can best apply technology to serve the needs of your business. Eurotech has extensive technical knowledge that can assist with the selection of appropriate new technologies, redesigning existing technology, migrating existing technology to a new environment, or integrating new technology into existing technology.

Outsourcing Services

Should you wish to completely outsource your IT functions and services to an external provider, Eurotech can offer this service in the context of either a Time Allocation Contract or a Managed Services Agreement, the scope of which will determine which of your IT services are fully managed or part-managed by Eurotech. Our outsourcing services can extend from a simple remote-hands service for equipment in the datacentre to a fully managed services for your business critical applications and servers

How Can Eurotech Help?

Eurotech has over 23 years’ experience supplying, maintaining and supporting IT system for business of all sizes. We have successfully provided fully managed IT services for business ranging from just a few staff to hundreds of staff. With our datacentre services, we are able to provide you with the peace of mind that experts are taking care of your IT, while you take care of your business.

Get your FREE Co-location and Cloud Readiness Assessment today!

If you are unsure where to start, Eurotech offers a free Co-location Readiness Assessment or Cloud Readiness Assessment service. This is effectively a mini-audit of your IT systems to provide you with guidance on which areas we are best positioned to provide you with the data centre services that your business needs. Contact us today to start your journey into the future of the datacentre.

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