Oil & Gas Industry Cloud

With over 500+ man years of industry experience to call on, Eurotech knows a bit about the oil & gas industry. We also, therefore, understand the many complex issues and challenges being faced on a daily basis, so who better to develop Cloud services that actually deliver genuine value to industry organizations of any size.

The following Cloud Services are available now and more will follow:

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Backup your data dynamically and transpost_parently to our data centre.

Restore whenever required or upgrade to DR and you can access anytime and restore to a new location.

While the basic elements are pretty generic, we understand the implications of managing seismic data so our service is built with the need to handle both very small and very, very large files and datasets. We also understand the industry commercial drivers, so our service is flexible but also offered at a fixed price.

Data & Information Archiving
We have developed a solution for archiving seismic data – AssetGrid.

However, we can also provide it as a Cloud service or even as a Hybrid service.

Check out our AssetGrid solution and decide – on-site solution, full Cloud service or a hybrid solution? We can work with you to create the perfect fit for you technical and commercial issues.

Geophysics and Geology Applications
G&G application licenses can be expensive, especially for small or mid-sized oil & gas companies. Often it would be much more advantageous if you could just pay for your usage. It may be that you use applications such as Petrel, Openworks or Kingdom, etc., but as required rather than on a daily basis.

We can offer a Cloud service whereby you effectively rent these applications on a monthly basis so allowing you total control over you annual budgets.

This lowers cost as you no longer need to own the applications or worry about recurring support charges.

We are working in partnership with the Global leaders in Oil & Gas services to offer new ways of provding core services.

Data Loading
In Oil & Gas E&P environments, the traditional approach for loading seismic data into applications for a new project is to find an experienced geologist and hire them for several months.

We have an alternative Cloud service. You can look upon it a the “shoe elf” service of the Information Management world!

Give us temporary and controlled remote access to your environment, tell us where the data is and leave the rest to us. Overnight when the systems are quiet we connect to your environment and start the data loading. When you arrive in the morning, the job is done and the elves are nowhere to be seen.

Adopting a serious note again, though, you save money and time without the inconvenience of having to go search for and find the right person. A task that is increasingly more difficult as experienced resources become harder to find.

3D remote Visualisation
Utilizing thin client technology we can allow your remote workers to run high performance graphics, 2D/3D modelling or visualisation. No expensive high end workstations are required and normal bandwidth is sufficient. If you are running G&G data modelling applications you can now run anywhere and only changed data needs to be sent to the remote site. So as well as reducing overheads and improving performance you are also increasing security of your data as it no longer needs to leave your primary sites.

Talk to us about the G&G applications you are using and we can show you how to provide a quality service to your remote staff.

Enigma Data PARS Disaster Recovery Service
Euotech and Enigma Data Resources have been partners for many years. We have now taken this partnership to a higher level by creating a joint Cloud service for Enigma’s PARS solution.

If you are a PARS user, you can now add DR as an option. All the data archived by PARS can be automatically sent off site to our data centre and stored securely. This means it is always available regardless of any problem on your own site so you have the assurance of a safe and reliable backup if the worst happens.

Contact us to find out more. Or if you are not already a PARS user let us give you a proper overview of the benefits.

Request a call or a visit to discuss any of the industry specific Cloud Services we offer