The Bunker

Eurotech and The Bunker provide a complimentary partnership allowing customers scalable object based storage using leading edge IBM Cleversafe technology.

6 Ways Our Cloud Storage Drives Business Agility


Scale for the Future

Limitless capacity allows scaling for growth in an increasingly challenging landscape.


Protect your Critical Data

Ultra Secure Cloud storage encrypts data in transit and at rest and reduces risk of cyber attacks.


Confident Compliance

Solely UK-based data centres solve data residency issues and ensure compliance.


Smart Storage for Big Data

Object storage supports metadata allowing you to lay the foundations for analytic capabilities.


‘Fifteen nines’ Availability

Dispersed data delivers unprecedented availability and reliability with self-healing technology.


Free Up IT Budget

Flexible object storage Cloud consumption model reduces capital expenditure and curbs data storage budget creep.

Why The Bunker & Eurotech?

The Bunker is different to the multitude of ‘buy and build’ players in the market today. In addition to the best security credentials in the business, we have the skills and expertise to construct bespoke platforms that are competitively priced and tailored to the requirements of your business. All of our Managed Hosting, Cloud infrastructure and Data Storage solutions and services are designed to help clients address business needs using technology as a flexible resource that is cost effective, compliant and secure by design.

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