Lifecycle Management

At Eurotech our IT knowhow lets us manage and provide product life cycle management to our customers. We are able to best position products and solutions boosting our customers performance and return on investment.

Eurotech’s brand is built on long standing relationships with both our vendors and end users, with dedicated account management and proven continuity.

Our long history and technical foresight enable us to provide solutions that are competitive whilst maintaining leading performance and lower TCO.

It is typical within IT to see what is often referred to as a bathtub curve relating to hardware, software and implementation costs. Some companies IT requirements are positioned at the top of that curve and we work with them to make ease of supply and installation as smooth as possible. Where requirements allow we can position solutions with ‘sweet spot’ IT kit to shelter customers from the high cost and associated typical trail blazing headaches whilst still providing leading edge performance with solid and reliable platforms.

It is common to measure basic factors to identify the ideal specification and price/performance of the CPU relative to memory capacity and bandwidth are often the starting point. However it’s key to measure power consumption, density of the solution, BTU, interconnect management, deployment and I/O to the data. These are key areas within Eurotech’s expertise.