Managed Services

Eurotech’s Managed Service Agreements (MSA) provide a fully managed service wrapper for the IT solutions and Cloud Services that we offer. This allows your business to focus on what it does best, while we focus on what we do best – managing your IT.

Why Managed Services?

In today’s increasingly digital world, IT has become essential to the functioning of every business but it has also become extremely complex and costly to manage. Gone are the days when an in-house team could maintain all the expertise to easily manage all the IT systems to support the demands of the business across different functions. Eurotech offers clients the opportunity to outsource the specific costs and risks of IT management to a dedicated team with decades of industry experience and deep technical knowledge.

How do Eurotech Managed Services work?

Eurotech is contracted to manage a portion or all of the client’s IT infrastructure. For on-premises or co-located systems, this would entail the end-to-end management of these systems to ensure that they are optimally configured, secured and maintained to the requirements set out by the client and according to industry best practices. For cloud-based solutions, where the underlying infrastructure and/or platform are already managed by the cloud provider, Eurotech offers an enhanced management service to ensure seamless integration with on-premises systems and optimal configuration of the cloud solution, including the creation of profiles, provisioning new services etc. to deliver a truly end-to-end business solution.

What is a “virtual CIO”?

In today’s connected businesses, the expertise of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) are invaluable in charting the strategic direction of the business. Eurotech’s MSA offering provides our clients with access to a “Virtual CIO”. This delivers to your business the expertise needed during strategic decision making pertaining to IT, such as: developing an IT strategy, developing and presenting high level solution architectures to the business, compiling IT budgets and providing insight into new technologies.

How are Managed Services billed?

Clients are charged a fixed monthly fee that is based on a specified set of IT systems and/or cloud services covered by the agreement. The MSA service then deals with all the interfaces and management needed to meet a business requirement, as agreed in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Any change requests or problems with the managed infrastructure are logged through Eurotech’s helpdesk and dealt with on a priority basis.

For information about our MSA contracts or other support options please contact us.