Co-Location Services

Eurotech, in partnership with Datum Datacentres, provides flexible and secure data centre and co-location services underpinned by a highly available carrier and cloud neutral environment. All clients have access to a wide range of specialised co-location services to enable their transition into the data centre and from there to hybrid cloud, fully supported by a Eurotech account manager.

What is Co-Location?

Colocation hosting is the practice of renting data centre rack space for your business’ critical IT infrastructure. The co-location hosting service provider (Eurotech’s partner, Datum) offers rack space and fully redundant power, cooling and data connectivity as well as physical security for your IT systems. 

Why Co-Locate?

The arguments for moving to a co-location facility are getting stronger, driven by demands for increased IT security, faster connectivity, greater reliability, higher-powered compute and the transition to cloud. For most enterprises, the up-front costs of building a new private data centre can be prohibitive not to mention the increasing costs of maintaining it to meet the changing needs of the business and new technical architectures. Co-location offers clients a private space in a world-class data centre facility where they can host their business-critical IT systems.

When Should You Consider Co-Location?

The journey to considering co-location as the best option for a business can be driven by a number of factors that trigger an organisation to review their data centre provision. These tend to fall into 3 key areas — Capacity, Risk and Situational. Click here to read more.

What Are Your Co-Location Options?

Eurotech’s co-location solutions scale from a single rack to building out an entire customised IT suite.

  • Racks

We specify chimney racks in a hot and cold aisle containment layout, and our clients can specify their own rack suppliers providing the racks are compatible with the Datum cooling solution. All of the expected security options are available, ranging from combination locks to active security including rack level, CCTV and multifactor authentication.

  • Cages

Clients with larger requirements are offered the option of a dedicated, caged environment. A tough metal shell with a range of additional security options from standard digital combination locks to full access control systems with multifactor authentication cages.

  • Customised Suites

There is a logical step up from cages for large clients, where our suites can be custom designed from the ground up to accommodate specific requirements with customised power, cooling and security requirements.

How Can Eurotech Help?

Eurotech has over 23 years’ experience supplying, maintaining and supporting IT system for business of all sizes. We have successfully managed the transition of companies IT systems into both co-lo facilities and into the cloud and we understand how to project manage such transitions efficiently and with minimal down-time. We are able to continue providing all our usual on-premise services for your equipment that is hosted in our co-lo facility, to ensure that you have peace of mind that your business’ IT systems are in good hands and kept in good shape by the experts.

Get your FREE Co-location and Cloud Readiness Assessment today!

If you are unsure where to start, Eurotech offers a free Co-location Readiness Assessment or Cloud Readiness Assessment service. This is effectively a mini-audit of your IT systems to provide you with guidance on which infrastructure and/or platforms are ready to move either into a co-lo facility or into the cloud. Contact us today to start your journey into the future of the datacentre.