Private Cloud Express

Delivering all the benefits of private cloud, whilst eliminating the risk and cost

Private cloud is intended to deliver all the benefits of the public cloud: automation, self-service, scalability and an OpEx-based usage model, whilst still giving businesses full control over their IT environment. Why is it that some businesses are still hesitant to adopt private cloud technologies? In our engagements with clients we’ve found that the inherent risk and costs involved in taking this step are the main obstacles. Because the investment required to implement a private cloud infrastructure can be significant, businesses often opt to stick to “tried and tested” technologies. This, however, prevents them from reaping the innovation dividend and IT potentially becomes an impediment rather than an enabler to a growing, changing business. Eurotech’s Private Cloud Express service allows IT organisations to deliver innovation whilst eliminating the costs and risks of adopting new technology:

  • Built on industry-leading private cloud infrastructure and incorporating best practices
  • Fixed OpEx-based charge eliminates the unpredictable cost fluctuations of public cloud
  • Hyper-scalable infrastructure that grows indefinitely with your business
  • Delivered on-premise, co-located in your business’ datacentre or in Eurotech’s Tier 3/4 secure cloud facilities with fully resilient power, cooling and connectivity
  • Direct integration with Eurotech’s Cloud DR and/or Backup services to offer an
    end-to-end IT solution at the lowest TCO.

Scope of the Private Cloud Express Solution

The Eurotech Private Cloud Express service is delivered to the client as a datacentre appliance, pre-configured and ready to run. It comes with Nutanix’s Acropolis Hypervisor, which delivers all of the core functionality of VMware or Hyper-V but is tightly integrated with Nutanix’s PRISM management interface to allow for true single-pane-of-glass management operations. The monthly service cost includes basic integration into the customer’s existing network environment (minimum 12 month service term applies). Enhanced services for advanced integration and/or data migration are optional extras. No software licenses for guest operating systems are included but Eurotech can supply these at an additional cost if needed. Any software updates or hardware replacement of the Nutanix component of the solution are included for the lifetime of the solution. Additionally, the platform can be delivered as a fully managed service at an additional monthly cost.

Solution Benefits

Pricing Model and Solution Scalability

The solution is priced on an OPEX basis as a rental agreement between Eurotech and the client, with no up-front capital investment required. The monthly rental cost of the solution is determined by the amount of CPU, memory and storage consumed. There is a minimum cluster starting capacity but this can be scaled up seamlessly and granularly (from a compute or storage perspective) at any point during the agreement. Minimum terms apply. For more information & pricing, please contact a Eurotech sales
representative at