Repair Services

Eurotech have many years of technical experience with several of our team coming from a component level repair background. In addition, our core skills stem around enterprise tape products. Within our workshops we are able to analyse, repair and then fully test to manufacturers specifications a wide range of equipment. We have niche final test applications where we soak test and create final test results prior to returning the equipment to the customer or into Eurotech stock, so we’re confident in our process and outcome.

Our repair services include items such as enterprise tape drives – Magstar 3590 & 3592, LTO, Exabyte, DLT, 9 track, 3480/90E, etc. In addition we repair oil industry specific equipment such as OYO plotters, servers (Unix, Linux, MS), etc. Eurotech has long term, in-depth enterprise format experience.

If you have any questions regarding compatibilities, please feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help.