Archive, Backup, DR

We offer multiple solutions for Archive, Backup and DR from leading vendors to suit your need as well as your budget. Such solutions compliment the on-premise datacentre or remote facility, while integrating well into our own cloud servicers portfolio


We work closely with top vendors such as QStar Technologies and IBM to develop archive solutions and strategies, incorporating ground breaking technologies such as LTFS. Eurotech have designed and installed active archive solutions using QStar “Archive Manager” and IBM “Arema  – Archive and Essence Manager”. Both products have the flexibility of, not just their own integrated tools, but also allow for standard OS tools to be used to move data from the production storage through the tiers of nearline and offline storage. We have had great success in implementing these solutions at the front-end, with nearline disk cache while using LTFS (Linear Tape File System) to provide an offline tape solution that has a near non-proprietary format, which allows for the archived data to be restored using basic drag-and-drop actions.


We offer sales and support of backup packages including Symantec NetBackup, EMC Networker,   as well as advanced Enterprise solutions such as IBM’s Spectrum Archive and Spectrum Protect, Veeam, CommVault, Actifio, and Acronis. Ease of use within complex and virtual environments is essential. Veeam Availability Suite allows you to proactively protect your virtual environments, while CommVault seamlessly integrates with hyperconverged products such as Nutanix

Disaster Recovery

In conjunction with enterprise packages and H/W RAID or appliance options, we offer DR solutions to match the configuration, capacity, throughput, uptime and restoration time required. This may include local DR between buildings or offsite to a remote centre; which can include your own equipment or stream to ‘cloud data storage’ within a protected environment.

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