High Performance Computing

Here at Eurotech, our HPC team is able to implement, support and integrate compute clusters, network infrastructure, disk & tape storage devices, software management and HSM archival. We have a wide range of skills and can develop, implement and support seismic processing systems.

Gaining access to information faster can improve decision making and increase overall competitiveness.

Recent data shows most clusters operate at less than 55% utilisation, resulting in unnecessary cost or poor job performance. Even small improvements in the overall utilization can benefit the end user experience and help control costs. Supercomputers and high performance computer (HPC) clusters can be used to solve advanced computation problems; delivering the quest for operational efficiency and flexibility.

Major applications include:

  • Data storage and analysis
  • Data mining
  • Simulations
  • Modelling
  • Software development
  • Visualisation of complex data
  • Rapid mathematical calculations

HPC can be used to:

  • Develop and redesign products
  • Optimise production and delivery processes
  • Analyse or develop large datasets
  • Conduct large-scale research projects
  • Store large amounts of data for future analysis
  • Perform consumer trend monitoring, searching or profiling
  • Create computer visualisations that explain research results
  • Carry out simulations and/or modelling of complex processes

Eurotech has been providing bespoke HPC solutions for over 20 years; our key skill is providing the best technology balance for all of your application layers, leveraging multiple vendor offerings. This, coupled with our expertise and services, provides our customers with a complete performance solution with ease of installation, deployment and management. We combine different technologies to provide an integrated technology that is cost effective, resilient and secure.

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