Cloud Backup

Eurotech Cloud Backup Service delivers enterprise-class backup in the cloud as an OPEX cost

The Eurotech Cloud Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) offers clients a robust and scalable backup solution at the lowest possible operational cost by leveraging the economies of scale of cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, because the service requires no up-front capital investment, it frees you to invest in those value-adding aspects of your IT infrastructure, without compromising on the features and performance of your backup solution. BaaS is delivered in a flexible manner to accommodate client requirements: either physical or virtual infrastructure can be backed up and the backup data can be stored either in a private or a public cloud, depending on business requirements.

How Cloud Backup Works

The Cloud Backup Service is hosted either from a Eurotech Tier 3/4 datacenter facility with resilient power, cooling, connectivity and physical security or from an AWS/Azure Tier 4 cloud datacentre. A corporate VPN connection or leased line between the client’s offices and the cloud provides the connectivity (from 10Mbps to 10Gbps) to the service. Alternatively, the client can opt for a direct connection to the AWS Public Cloud (service options dependent; additional costs apply). Depending on whether physical or virtual servers are backed up, software agents or virtual backup servers will be deployed on the client site to facilitate and manage the backup process. Backup data is then stored either in a geo-located dedicated private cloud storage system in Eurotech’s datacentre or in Amazon/Azure’s resilient Virtual Private Cloud. Backup intervals can be scheduled anywhere from 15 minutes upwards (service options and connectivity dependent)

Scope of the Service

Cloud backup offers flexible deployment options and service classes and can be tailored to suite business requirements. The included base service features are defined in the BaaS Service Description but can be further extended to include options such as custom integration with the Client site infrastructure and/or a fully managed service wrapper to outsource the specific costs and risks associated with managing backups in-house.

For more information and specific pricing, please contact us.