NEW 3592 Deskside Enclosure

Eurotech have designed this enclosure to meet our customer’s needs. When providing manual load drives for rental or for installation outside of typical data center environments the new TS1120, TS1130 drive enclosure is a perfect fit.


3592E05 (TS1120) 3592 E06 (TS1130) deskside Enclosure.

E05 – 700GB native (JB/JX media) 500GB native (JA/JW media) with a Native Data Rate of 104MBps

E06 – 1TB native (JB/JX media) 640GB native (JA/JW media) with a Native Data Rate of 160MBps

E07 – 4TB native using JC @ 250MBps

E08 – 10TB native using JD (@ 360MBps) , 7TB native using JC (@ 300MBps)

Holds one or two drives with fixed control panel for easy user & engineer access.

Standard IBM power supply chassis for future upgrade to rack if necessary.