IBM leads the way in Big Data

IBM leads the way in Big Data on X86 with a unique, innovative GPFS-Native RAID product named GSS (GPFS Storage Server). Clients are expanding the use of Technical Computing and HPC to solve complex problems with a need for high-capacity storage, and low-latency data access with quick rebuild times in the event of disk failure. Clients are looking for a low per-terabyte price. As an integral part of the IBM Intelligent Cluster portfolio, the GPFS Storage Server’s Native RAID capability provides extreme data integrity, reliability and flexibility. GSS’s Declustered RAID technology makes rebuild times up to 400 percent faster. These features let clients quickly put the system to work and increase productivity.

Features of the GPFS Storage Server:

● Scalable building block approach to Technical Computing storage
● Choice of FDR InfiniBand or Ethernet interconnects or both
● Declustered RAID for sustained, predictable performance and rapid rebuilds
● No hardware controllers—Disk management and RAID performed by the GPFS Native RAID feature

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