Convey Computer Announces New Hybrid-Core Coprocessor

Convey’s Newest Addition – PCI-e Based Coprocessor

Convey Computer, the leaders in hybrid-core computing; have recently announced the Wolverine® family of coprocessors. This new powerful line of application accelerators will provide specific hardware acceleration for key algorithms. The products’ PCI Express form factor has said to be ideal for acceleration within applications involving life sciences, big data, security and other industries involved in the high performance computing (HPC) market.

Wolverine® will be available in three different deploy models – so not only will this make integration easier, the accelerator will give customers the power to implement the innovative accelerator into a hardware configuration that will best suit their needs.

The Deploy Models are:

Convey’s new WX Series of Hybrid-Core (HC) Servers The WX Series provides application-specific performance for HPC and data-intensive applications.

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Product

Integrating the Wolverine® accelerator into turnkey solutions, OEMs can transpost_parently provide improved application to their customers. “Our goal is to collaborate with OEM manufactures to deliver highly accelerated solutions” says Bruce Toal – CEO of Convey Computer.

And the recently announced Convey Memcached Appliance
Memcached improves response time by caching data into memory. This is an open source, used by 85% of the top websites including Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube and many more internet giants

High Performance, Lower Energy Consumption?

Toal then went on to state that the new Wolverine® accelerator paired up with the latest x86 servers will provide “absolute performance and improved efficiency”. Wolverine® incorporates the latest high density Xilinx® Virtex7 field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) into an easy to use form factor. FPGAs provide substantially better performance per watt compared to other conventional servers, meaning that applications can be dramatically accelerated, whilst power and heat requirements decrease resulting in a reduction of up to 90% in power and cooling requirements when used over racks of commodity servers.   Get the details by downloading the Convey Wolverine press release.

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