Eurotech Presented at Industry Event

The Digital Energy Journal managing seismic data event recently took place in Aberdeen on the 26th November and it turned out to be a great success.

There was a very high attendance of over one hundred industry specialists coming along to hear about new technologies and practises for managing seismic data.

Eurotech partnered up with IBM in order to present how their GridBank solution can enable improved management of seismic data and the introduction of better protection, flexibility and security whilst creating a platform for enhanced data analysis.

IBM shared with the audience how they’re driving new research into utilising advanced data analytics techniques to build strong business realisation from seismic data.

One of the super majors and a rapidly growing operator also presented at the industry event, discussing their work flow method and processes to manage and work with large amounts of subsurface data.

For any more information regarding managing Seismic Data, click here.

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