Convey Announce Newest Addition to their Bioinformatics Suite

Up to 15x Acceleration

Convey have announced the newest addition to their expanding bioinformatics suite, PacBioToCA, an application that facilitates the assembly of genomes sequenced with Pacific Biosciences® long-read technology. Optimized to take advantage of the highly parallel processing architecture of the Convey hybrid-core (HC) server, PacBioToCA delivers six to fifteen times acceleration.


Faster Results; More Research

“It has been shown that long PacBio reads processed with PacBioToCA lead to such high-quality assemblies, researchers are saved the significant subsequent cost of manual finishing,” explained Kevin Corcoran, Senior Vice President of Market Development at Pacific Biosciences. “The combination of the PacBioToCA algorithm and a Convey HC system allows our customers to dramatically speed up research for projects in areas such as functional genomics, comparative genomics, and beyond.”


Convey’s Bioinformatics Suite

Adding PacBioToCA to the Convey Bioinformatics Suite reflects Convey’s ongoing commitment to the bioinformatics and life sciences community. Convey’s expanding bioinformatics suite is made up of a number of personalities including the Convey GraphConstructor™ for de novo short read assembly, Smith-Waterman for local sequence alignment, and Burrows-Wheeler Aligner for fast reference mapping.


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