Avere Introducing Cloud Snapshots

Avere Systems has recently announced Cloud Snapshots to its 4.5 OS.

Combining the simplicity of NAS with the resiliency of the cloud, it can now use snapshots as a DR solution in the cloud, with a NAS-style user interface.

Cloud Snapshots leverage the flexibility of cloud storage while protecting data against disk, controller, array and entire site failures. Typical DR solutions require multiple complete copies of data, an amount of additional storage capacity and expensive, complex mirroring software.

Cloud Snapshots provide an alternative – they are space-efficient, support 1,024 snapshots per bucket, can be automated or run manually and provide point in-time consistency across all objects in a bucket. In addition, they do not require multiple NAS arrays.

Cloud Snapshots are integrated with the FlashCloud file system, which was built to deal with the performance and semantics of cloud storage. By eliminating the latency associated with the cloud, IT can choose the right storage at the right location, translating standard NAS protocols and safeguarding your application investments.

“Customers want to protect the precious data in their archives from not just accidental deletion and data corruption, but also equipment failure,” says Jeff Tabor, senior director, product management and marketing, Avere. “With Avere’s cloud Snapshots, and for a fraction of the price of a normal DR solution on, customer data can survive even entire array and site failures. Businesses will now be able to leverage the resiliency of the cloud with the simplicity of NAS, ensuring that their most important data is there when they need it and that it is simple to manage.”

Cloud Snapshots are available and are included in OS 4.5 at no additional cost and currently support AWS cloud storage.