NetApp SANtricity Dynamic Disk Pools

The combination of NetApp® SANtricity Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) and NetApp E-Series storage is ideal for high-performance computing (HPC) and other big-data storage environments. These sites depend on fast data acquisition, processing and distribution. They are designed for
multiple gigabytes per second of bandwidth and demand uncompromising uptime, and drive failure is a major threat to them.

DDP features a next-generation architecture that minimises the impact of a drive failure, returning the system to optimal condition up to eight times faster
than traditional RAID.

DDP distributes data, parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives. Its intelligent algorithm (seven patents pending) defines which drives
are used for segment placement, ensuring full data protection. DDP dynamic rebuild technology uses every drive in the pool to rebuild a failed drive,
enabling exceptional performance under failure. Flexible disk-pool sizing optimises utilisation of any configuration for maximum performance, protection
and efficiency.

Learn more about Dynamic Disk Pools (PDF) and see what IDC (PDF) had to say.

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