Ultrastar He8 Helium Drive

Helium drives are, as the name suggests, filled with helium that is one-seventh the density air. The reduced friction allows for more disk platters and data tracks placed closer together resulting in increased storage.

Helium drives undergo accelerated stress testing, including high-temperature soaking, thermal cycling, pressure cycling, humidity cycling and shock testing. Each has internal environmental telemetry to monitor seal integrity and report any potential issues – not one has failed due to seal degradation!

8TB capacity and 23% lower energy consumption – That’s the power of helium. Meet Ultrastar He8, HGST’s second-generation hard drive based on the widely accepted and proven HelioSeal™ platform. With 8TB and 6TB capacity points, Ultrastar He8 goes beyond what any other HDD can do using air and raises the standard for capacity and power efficiency in cloud and hyperscale data centre environments.

We recognize the growing pressures that data centres face. Volume is expanding, Operating costs are rising while budgets remain flat. Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) has become the focus of data centre architects. Through HGST’s patented HelioSeal process, the Ultrastar He8 provides the best TCO value proposition by delivering the industry’s highest capacity at 8TB, a low 5.1 idle watts, a reduced weight of 650g, and running 4-5°C cooler.

Cooler and quieter with industry-leading power efficiency (Watts/TB), the Ultrastar He8 lays the foundation for future growth in massive scale-out environments.


  • Industry-leading 8TB capacity in a standard 3.5-inch form factor
  • Industry’s best Idle and Active power efficiency (Watts/TB)
  • Reliable, field-proven, 2nd generation HelioSeal™ process and 7Stac™ design
  • Rebuild Assist mode shrinks RAID recovery time and nearly eliminates system performance degradation during rebuild
  • Compared to 4TB Ultrastar 7K4000
    – Double the capacity
    – 60% more power efficient (Watts/TB)
    – 1.5X to 3X faster random write performance thanks to media cache architecture
    – 19% faster sequential read/write performance
  • SATA 6Gb/s and SAS 12Gb/s
  • Advanced format 4Kn and 512e models
  • 12Gb/s SAS provides compatibility with next generation data centres
  • Secure erase and self-encrypting drive (SED) options supports data security and lower TCO
  • 2.5M hours MTBF rating and 5-year limited warranty


  • Enterprise and data centre applications where capacity density and power efficiency are paramount
  • Cloud and hyperscale storage
  • Massive scale-out (MSO), high-density data centres
  • Distributed file systems like Ceph™ and Hadoop® to support Big Data Analytics
  • RAID arrays
  • Video surveillance and post_content distribution

The Ultrastar He8 Helium drive is NOW SHIPPING and AVAILABLE from Eurotech in vendor raid arrays and servers! For more information please contact us.

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