Gartner Name Nutanix a Leader

“Founded in 2009, Nutanix is a privately funded HCIS vendor that began shipping product in 2011. Since then, the company has built an installed base of more than 1,400 customers (some with installations of 100 nodes and one with 1,500 nodes), working through more than 750 channel partners worldwide. Nutanix has grown its head count to more than 1,100 employees, created a worldwide presence that encompasses more than 70 countries across six continents, and has secured five rounds of financing to sustain its sales momentum and vision. Strategically important relationships with VMware, Dell and Microsoft (plus other top software vendors) have enabled Nutanix to openly support VMware and Hyper-V and develop its own Acropolis hypervisor based on KVM.

Nutanix has done an excellent job of aligning its marketing and product development strategies in the development of Nutanix OS (renamed Acropolis for the runtime software and Prism for the management software in its latest release) and its software stack that spans storage, networking, and compute. By eliminating the need for external storage arrays and building compression, deduplication and erasure coding into its distributed storage fabric, Nutanix has created a compelling low total cost of ownership (TCO) story wherein availability, performance and scalability are not sacrificed. Much of the NX Series appliance ownership advantage is attributable not only to the elimination of external storage arrays with their high-gross margins or the use of commodity hardware, but also to the compression and deduplication of data stored on hard-disk drives (HDDs). Owning the entire software stack has also enabled Nutanix to offer its customers cross-hypervisor high availability and mobility — a big deal for users leveraging the unique value propositions of various hypervisors or considering bursting to Amazon or Azure clouds.”

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