IBM Spectrum Storage Updates

6th April 2016

IBM has announced updates to two prominent members of the IBM Spectrum Storage family: Spectrum Control and Spectrum Protect. Both offerings are part of the Spectrum Storage Suite.

IBM Spectrum Protect

Spectrum Protect V7.1.5 continues its transformation to a hybrid cloud powerhouse for enterprise backup. Cloud storage pools, initially introduced in late 2015, have expanded to support IBM Cleversafe secure object storage. With this enhancement, IBM Spectrum Protect now supports both OpenStack Swift and S3 object store interfaces.

V7.1.5 also expands its built-in efficiency capabilities by adding compression to deduplication-optimised storage pools, further reducing the need for deduplication appliances.

IBM Spectrum Control

Spectrum Control V5.2.9 adds application focused alerting and visual capacity management to Spectrum Control Standard and Advanced Edition on-premises software.

IBM Storage management capabilities have been expanded to include application focused alerting, which can be used for critical applications, departments or other customised groupings of storage resources. These alerts can help ensure quality of service for critical systems.

Visual capacity management provides at-a-glance projections of future storage needs. This capability was developed for cloud-based Spectrum Control Storage Insights, and it is now available as software.

Enterprise clients may also appreciate a new “single click” process for gathering performance metrics on IBM SAN Volume Controller, sometimes requested by IBM Customer Support.

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