Eurotech Rackmount for IBM 3592 Drives

We have designed this drive enclosure to meet the specific needs of our customers. When providing manual load IBM Magstar 3592 drives TS1120, TS1130, TS1140 and TS1150, we believe this enclosure is a perfect fit and it’s free with all TS1140/TS1150 drive orders!

The rackmount is based on an industry standard 19” fixed shelf capable of taking 250lbs/114kg.

The IBM FC 4812 drive cradle is removable from the tray making horizontal installation simple.

The drives fit into a standard library sled design, with no drive modification necessary.


IBM 3592 Rackmount


Features of our Rackmount kit include:

  • 5U Design
  • Holds two IBM Magstar 3592 drives
  • Redundant Hotswap Power
  • Individual Detachable service panels
  • Easy fit rugged drive tray
  • Access to rear Fibre channel ports
  • Provided at no cost with all TS1140/TS1150 drive orders.

E05 – 700GB native (JB/JX media) 500GB native (JA/JW media) with a Native Data Rate of 104MBps

E06 – 1TB native (JB/JX media) 640GB native (JA/JW media) with a Native Data Rate of 160MBps

E07 – 4TB native (JC media) @ 250MBps

E08 – 10TB native (JD media) @ 360MBps, 7TB native (JC media) @ 300MBps

For more information or a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.