IBM Elastic Storage Server


  • Increase productivity by sharing data across workloads with a unified storage pool for file, object and Hadoop workloads
  • Scale capacity and/or performance in modular building blocks with automatic load balancing
  • Rebuild failed disks with IBM®-developed erasure-coding-based declustered Redundant Array of
  • Independent Disks (RAID) technology
  • Host multiple tenants, adjust resource allocation and scale as your needs evolve
  • Utilise an integrated system built on IBM Power servers and IBM Spectrum Scale software
  • Reduce backup and restore times utilising a high-throughput backup target
  • Eliminate filer sprawl and performance bottlenecks in network-attached storage (NAS) systems.

Big data is everywhere. Today’s exponential growth of data, transactions and digitally-aware devices is demanding larger and larger amounts of unstructured data storage and management. However, as each department or division attempts to satisfy its own storage needs, your organisation can find itself with many disparate systems isolated from each other. This can result in expensive resource duplication, complicated management and isolated pools of data. In addition, the resulting islands of information may hold valuable insights that may not be accessible in such a disparate environment.

Also, as disk drives become increasingly more dense, traditional RAID is no longer an effective mechanism for data protection since it can take from several hours or even days to rebuild a failed drive, which can increase the chance of multi-disk failures.

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