NetApp continues to build upon the established LSI product line with the latest E5500

  • Massive bandwidth performance, high IOPS and extreme density support data-intensive solutions
  • Modular design enables efficient scaling for performance and capacity
  • Field-proven architecture delivers high reliability
  • SANtricity software and DDP simplify storage and data management, protection and utilisation
  • NetApp LSI ES5500 Storage System


Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP)…What are they? Read this and you’ll see how the latest technology is overcoming the limitations of traditional RAID.

  • DDP distributes and protects data across a pool of drives.
  • Dynamic rebuild technology minimizes the performance impact of a drive failure.
  • DDP rebuilds up to eight times faster than traditional RAID.
  • Patent-pending algorithm keeps distributed data protected
  • SANtricity Dynamic Disk Pools
  • IDC on DDP for HPC


Supporting multiple network protocols, the NetApp Data ONTAP 8 storage platform helps consolidate mixed-IT environments.
NetApps NAS and ONTAP, the market leader.

  • Scale SAN and NAS to tens of PB without disrupting running applications
  • Scale your environment using a common set of features and management tools
  • Consolidate and manage all your data from a single storage system
  • Protect your investment, simplify data management and reduce your TCO
  • Clustered Data ONTAP Operating System

Why talk to Eurotech about these technologies? We bring together the latest technologies as indicated above. We harness the traditional vendor workhorse products while tracking their roadmap technologies. We then configure the most cost competitive solution to meet your needs, install and provide long term, reliable, responsible support. The three examples above may appear complicated, but we can produce a cost effective solution to match entry
level storage, all the way up to massive global storage solutions.

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