IBM LTFS format provides direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries using Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 6 or 5 tape cartridges, as well as IBM 3592 tape cartridges in libraries with IBM System Storage® TS1140 Tape Drives. It
eliminates the need for additional tape management and software to access data.

LTFS is a significant step in moving tape storage away from its reputation as complex and difficult to use. Unlike disk storage, tape has previously required device-specific software to read, write and manage the data stored on its cartridges in libraries. But LTFS is the first file system that works in conjunction with modern tape technology to set a new standard for ease of use and portability for open-systems tape storage.

Users can run any application designed for disk files against tape data without concern for the fact that the data is physically stored on tape.

Other Features Include

  • Directory-structure
    file management of both online and offline files in IBM tape libraries
  • Utilize hierarchical storage management (HSM)
    functionality to load balance resources for file writes and recalls
  • Create operational storage tiers with tape—rather
    than storing static, unchanging files on costly disk
  • Take advantage of on-disk metadata support, which
    allows faster searches for archived files based on user-defined metadata
  • Custom functions through XML-based job templates
  • Can be easily integrated with user applications
    through web-services application programming interface

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