Nuage Networks


Nuage Networks has set out to make network provisioning as seamless and agile as modern-day hyper-converged and software-defined compute and storage infrastructures. Where today’s virtualised and cloud environments can provision new virtual machines in seconds or minutes, corresponding network changes still take days or weeks.

Before Nuage:


With Nuage:


Solution Benefits

Nuage networks realises the vision for a Software-Defined Network (SDN) by delivering the following business benefits:

  • Platform Agnostic

Integration with Open Source and VMware hypervisors, across private and public clouds

  • Micro-Segmentation

Security controls between individual VM workloads, tenants and virtual networks

  • Policy-Based

Provision networking automatically and in seconds by applying Network Policy Templates

  • Reduced Network Troubleshooting

Graphical view of alarms and faults in the network and alarm correlation for root cause analysis

  • Programmable Infrastructure

Enables DevOps to control networking programmatically and speed up application development and delivery


Return on Value

Nuage networks delivers the following return on investment:

  • 50% reduction in Operation Expenses
  • 10x Improvement in turn-up response time,
  • 10x Reduction in configuration errors
  • 40% Increase in asset utilization & flexibility

The Eurotech Difference

For over 23 years Eurotech has been providing enterprise IT solutions and managing mission-critical business applications for our customers. We have a broad range of skills and extensive experience across technology stacks and are leading innovators in the design and deployment of next-generation datacentres.