Enterprise Tape Cartridges

To complement our storage solutions . Eurotech supply high quality tape storage media from the leading brands, including IBM. Contact us today and we’ll provide you very competitively priced, media backed up by tape experts. The experienced tape team understand all formats and can advise the most appropriate product. In most cases, we are also able to ship to you for next day delivery.

Here’s just a few of the Enterprise Tape Cartridges which we offer…

IBM 3592 CartridgeIBM 3592 Cart

The new 3592 cartridges for the TS1150 3592-E08 JD Media 10TB (Native). Previous generation JA & JB 3592 cartridges are available for the 3592 E06, E05 and J1A tape drives. In addition there are WORM and short versions available.

IBM 3592 Cleaning Cartridges also available at competitive rates.

LTO7 – Up to a capacity of 15 TB with 2.5:1 compression

Native data transfer rate of 300 MBps, adheres to widely supported LTO standards and 6 Gbps SAS connectivity is available.

LTO6 – 2.5TB and MB/sec.

Eurotech offer full and half height versions, either SAS or FC attached.

LTO5 – Up to 140MB/s native data transfer rates to help improve productivity
and 1.5TB native cartridge capacity to help reduce storage costs.
For more information, download IBM’s LTO5 Cartridge datasheet.
LTO4 – Expanded storage capacity of 800GB at a transfer rate of 120MB/sec.
ibm lto3
LTO3Up to 400GB native capacity per cartridge.
IBM LTO 2 LTO2 – Up to 200GB native capacity.
LTO1 – 100GB native capacity.
LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge.

Other Areas of Legacy Tape and Expertise

IBM 3590 Cartridge – For legacy H, E and B drives.

IBM 3590 Cleaning CartridgeDLTIV Data Cartridge – 40GB native on industry standard DLT8000

DLT Cleaning Cartridge

Imation 3490E Data Cartridge – Yes they’re still available!

3480/90 Cleaning Cartridge

For more information regarding Enterprise Tape, please contact us.